First time mums: when did you first feel your baby move and when did your bump start to show?


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Everyone says that pregnant women should be able to feel their baby’s first movements between weeks 16 and 25. But if you’re a first time mum, they say that you may not feel your baby move until closer to week 25. Apparently, unlike second time mums who know all the tell-tale signs, first time mums lack the experience to tell whether that ‘fluttering’ sensation they feel in their stomach is caused by the baby moving, trapped gas, indigestion or hunger.

In my case, I didn’t feel anything that’s out of the ordinary before week 22. I mean, yes, there were ‘flutters’, but to me, they felt like trapped gas, indigestion and hunger, and I’m pretty sure they were trapped gas, indigestion or hunger. Some people would disagree with me, of course, but I’m pretty sure I’m right because at week 22, I felt something different, something I’ve never felt before, in addition to the usual ‘flutters’! (Which made me think that those flutters could not possibly be caused by my baby). Anyway, I felt movement (like, when your muscle twitches, but stronger), and rolling motion. And I knew immediately it was the baby – I mean, either that or my internal organs started moving and rolling around… yeah, no, I’m confident it’s the baby. I’m now at 25 weeks, and my baby is moving around like crazy – she’s jabbing (and possibly kicking) a lot, especially during the day when I’m sitting down at my desk and at night when I’m trying to sleep. It’s really amazing and it certainly is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy.

As far as my bump is concerned, it’s still very very small. I can see it, of course, and if you know that I’m pregnant, you’ll probably notice it if I’m wearing tight fitting clothes; but if you don’t, you really can’t tell. My mum told me that her bump didn’t begin to show until the end of her 7th month! I was a small baby – I was only 2.5 kg! And I think I’m having a small baby too. All my scans show that my baby is developing well, and hey, as long as she’s healthy, I’m not worried.

How about you? Please, do share your experience. I’d love to hear.

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