Going Japanese: Ajiichiban, Greenwich, London

I love Japanese food! I really do. Especially in winter when it’s freezing outside – I just think it’s a perfect food to warm you up. Imagine… a good bowl of ramen, or one of those hot bento boxes, or a donburi, coupled with pan-fried gyoza or tempura and a heart-warming miso soup… yum…

So, that’s what my husband and I had last weekend. We went to a Japanese restaurant in Greenwich called Ajiichiban. It’s our second time there. We really like this place – it’s cute, very clean and welcoming. It’s also very authentic, which is important (obviously), and the food is delicious – definitely one of the best Japanese food we had in London.

We started off with Wasabi Prawns. We haven’t seen one of these in other Japanese restaurants in London, so we thought we should give it a try. We were not disappointed; they’re delicious (and that’s saying a lot considering that I’m not a fan of wasabi). Although, if you really “can’t stand the taste of wasabi at all”, then these prawns are probably not for you. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other mouth-watering starters to choose from – I recommend the gyoza or tempura (we ordered these the first time we were there… loved them).

Ajiichiban Wasabi Prawn | www.angeliquelee.co.uk

Wasabi Prawns

Moving on to main, I ordered Katsudon (that is, pork chops with breadcrumbs and eggs on rice) and miso soup, and my husband ordered a bowl of Crispy Duck Ramen. Both were delicious! Very very tasty! And the portion is huge – you certainly won’t leave feeling hungry (I eat a lot, so for me, that’s also important!).

Ajiichiban Katsudon | www.angeliquelee.co.uk


Ajiichiban Duck Ramen | www.angeliquelee.co.uk

Crispy Duck Ramen

Oh, did I mention that they’re also not overpriced? £6.80 for the Wasabi Prawns, £8.50 for the Katsudon and miso soup, and £8 for the Crispy Duck Ramen.

So, the verdict: really good food, big portions, not expensive, lovely place, and great service – a perfect casual dining experience, don’t you think? We can’t recommend this place enough and we will certainly go back.

Ajiichiban is located at 8 Nelson Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9JB.

Disclosure: this is a non-sponsored post; all opinions are completely my own based on my personal experience.

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