8 reasons why winter is my favourite season

Christmas in London | www.angeliquelee.co.uk | Anna Anichkova/commons.wikimedia.org (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Christmas_decorations_on_Oxford_Street,_London.jpg)

1. Winter fashion

There’s only so much you can wear in the summer – I always find it hard to accessorise my outfit. But in winter, oh… the ways in which you can layer and accessorise your clothes are countless: dresses over tights, cardigans over dresses, boots over tights, coats over cardigans. And then there are the accessories: the hats, the gloves, the mittens, the scarves, the shawls, the earmuffs, and they’re all so stylish and comfortable. Even at home, you get to wear warm cosy pyjamas, fuzzy socks, fluffy slippers… etc etc…

2. The cold crisp air

It refreshes you, especially when you step outside in the morning. It also tends to make your face stay matte and make-up stay put for much longer, and give you a natural rosy blush on your cheek. Beats humid, hot weather anytime.

3. The fact that it gets dark earlier

Am I weird? Maybe. But, you see, in the summer, when it’s dark, it means that the day is truly over and night-time has arrived (for me, that translates to bed time soon). But this is not the case in winter. Yes, in a sense, days are shorter but that doesn’t mean that the day is really over – for example, I like the feeling of discovering that it’s only 4pm when it’s dark outside; it makes me feel more productive when I work or do things through the “night“. Yes, weird, I know.

4. Cosy night in

Don’t you just love curling up on the couch in your warm cosy pyjama under a soft fleece blanket with a cup of hot chocolate (and marshmallows, of course) watching a good movie or catching up on that TV series you missed? Not the kind of thing you do on a hot summer night.

5. Holidays…

You’ve got to admit… winter is full of fantastic holidays and special occasions. Christmas, New Year, Valentine, Chinese New Year. It means: lovely, bright, colourful, and sometimes over the top (but who cares?!) decorations, christmas trees, presents, shopping (everything’s on sale!), festive mood, good food, off days, vacations… amazing, right?!?? Oh, don’t forget that we’ve also got Bonfire Night – spectacular fireworks, anyone?

6. First snow fall of the season and snow days

Sure, snow itself can be quite annoying, especially if you live in the UK where they never seem to be able to cope with even the slightest dusting of snow. But you must agree that it’s so very beautiful when it’s falling down and covering everything. Yes, it can be inconvenient, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing it’d snow every winter.

7. Hot soups, hot stews, hot beverages and grilled halloumi!

Mmmmm… yum… They’re incredibly warming and they make the house smell wonderful too.

8. It’s just sooo nice to sleep

Do you like sleeping on a humid, hot summer night? I don’t! You’re never quite sure whether or not to use the duvet, you get all sweaty and your body gets all sticky when you wake up. I very much prefer sleeping on a dark, cold winter night, snuggling cosily under my down duvet. Bliss!